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A Diagonal Way of Looking at Bingo

Last weekend, as part of a synagogue fundraiser, I played Bingo. Although I didn’t win, five of the 10 people sitting at our table, including my wife, won, and our table was loud, funny and the center of attention.

Like many Bingo sessions, what one has to do with one’s card to win varies by the game. Each of us got a list of the seven games, and those who play Bingo might recognize some of them: regular, sliding-T, 4 corners, two lines and blackout.

It was the second game that caught my attention: regular Bingo (any straight line). It didn’t make sense because the first game was regular Bingo, in which any straight horizontal, vertical or diagonal wins. What would make this game different?

Came the answer: No diagonal.

But wait, many of us asked, isn’t a diagonal a straight line?

Indeed it is, but we were then told to look at the bottom of the list, where it said, “We are making this up as we go along so (name of person) has the final say on what the rules are!!!!!”

So, for one game — which took less than 10 minutes — we lived in a world in which diagonal lines weren’t straight.

Until next time! Use the right words!


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