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Verizon’s Marketing Ploy

When I watched TV as a youngster, whenever I saw a commercial that seemed too good to be true, somebody — a babysitter or a parent — would say, “There’s a catch” or something to that effect, and then proceed to guess what the catch was.

This memory reappeared when I watched the Verizon Wireless commercial in which the company promises unlimited talk and text and “10 gigantic gigs” of data.

I first thought, As opposed to 10 small gigs of data. But I quickly realized that I had caught Verizon in a marketing ploy: Anything that is a set size is just that; it cannot be big or small. Big and small are relative terms.

Now, some people might think that a GB (which stands for gigabyte, which is roughly one billion bytes) is big — Verizon obviously does and wants you to think so, too — but that is an opinion. My plan has offers three GBs, shared among my family, and we never run out. In my opinion, 10 GBs is unnecessary. But others might find they might need that much, and they will buy what Verizon is selling.

I, on the other hand, know what’s the catch.

Until next time! Use the right words!


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