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“Special” or “Different?” TV Can’t Tell the Difference

I get really tired of the kind of sales and marketing associated with TV. An episode isn’t just one in a season, it’s a VERY SPECIAL EPISODE!!!! A product isn’t just new, it’s NEW AND IMPROVED!!!!

And so on.

The one that caught my attention today is one that I have seen numerous times over the year, so to pick on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” is a bit unfair because every network runs announcements that a show will not air at its regularly scheduled time.

But it was KNBC-TV in Los Angeles that I saw announce that Ellen’s show will be on “AT A VERY SPECIAL TIME!!!!”

That’s nonsense. It’s being shown at a different time.

Special means “distinguished by some unusual quality, especially being in some way superior.” Airing the show an hour earlier or later isn’t superior. It’s different, which means “not identical.”

One could make the argument that “The Ellen Degeneres Show” is neither special nor different when it comes to being sold and marketed on TV.

Until next time! Use the right words!


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