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Have You Ever Tried “And?” It’s Sold at My Market

The muckety-mucks that work at my supermarket are busy with a store remodel, which as far as I can tell means they’re moving items around the store for no good reason (unless confusing the customer is a good reason, which it isn’t).

Not only are they moving items around, they must change the signs at the end of each aisle to accurately reflect what is now there.

In one aisle, it read:




In another aisle, it read:

Hispanic Food


Asian Food

My question: What kind of product is And and why is it in more than one aisle?

I know what you’re likely thinking: And is not a product; it’s a conjunction, and it’s doing its job by connecting two items available in those aisles.

Maybe so, but another aisle read:

Domestic Wine


Cold Beverages

No “And” there. Another aisle read:

Natural Juice

JuicesnPowdered Drinks

And yet another aisle read:


Dog & Cat Food

The ampersand clearly shows these two types of food are linked.

I went dow the aisles but couldn’t find And anywhere, so I have no idea what it is and how much it costs.

Maybe I’ll find out once the store remodel is complete.

Until next time! Use the right words!


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