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On Being Human, Tom Lasorda and My Brother

I love my brother. I find it incredibly gratifying to have someone in my life that validates my childhood experiences (and I do the same for him). He was my best man at my wedding. He is smart, funny, creative, talented and has an inner desire to persevere that I don’t think I have (he’s needed it; his life has been much more difficult than mine).

He’s also human, and humans make mistakes — sometimes even when they know better. This is such an example.

My brother and I recently discussed one of our least favorite people: Tom Lasorda. The former L.A. Dodgers manager and Hall of Famer is famous for his “Bleed Dodger Blue” schtick. Many people think the world of him. We consider Lasorda to be one of the most phony, two-faced, insincere, blowhard, manipulative, self-centered, bags of hot air we have ever known. We have stories we could tell to back up our beliefs, but this is not the time or place.

With few exceptions (1988, for example), we also never thought much of his managing; we used to say that when Lasorda manages, the Dodgers lose.

Lasorda came up in a recent letter in the Los Angeles Times. The writer saw Lasorda at the Special Olympics World Games medal ceremony in which Lasorda stuck around for several hours to take pictures.

The letter concluded, “In this era of self-centered athletes, we and the Dodgers are lucky to have such a wonderful goodwill ambassador.”

We don’t buy it. We’re not drinking the Kool-Aid. My brother wrote, “Tom Lasorda is L.A.’s premiere politician. Tom Lasorda is only interested in TOM LASORDA. He wants some good PR? He goes out and shakes hands and gets morons like this nitwit to write about how generous and gracious he is.”

I responded, “[I]t’s ‘premier’ not ‘premiere.’ Lasorda ‘premiered’ a long time ago: Sept. 22, 1927, to be exact.”

My brother acknowledged his mistake and called it “just a brain fart. Not the first, not the last.”

Until next time! Use the right words!


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