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A Shameless Plug Plus Some Misspellings

I have a book coming out soon, “If You Experience Death, Please Call: Fatal Mistakes We Make With Language.” In it, I poke fun at people (myself included) misusing English. Many chapters deal with what I’ve overheard at networking meetings or what I’ve seen in printed form.

Today’s example is not in the book but could have been, for it was at a networking meeting that I saw two printed items that were wrong.

First, some background. In this networking group, called JNET, members are able to break off into smaller groups or three and four and meet outside the meetings to better get to know people (the better you know someone, the more likely you’ll recommend them, the logic goes). Originally, these gatherings were called troikas, after the Russian word for “a set of three.”

To determine the smaller groups, members receive a slip of paper with some writing on it. When the meeting ends, members go to the corresponding sign on the wall and make plans.

One slip of paper said “Tremendous Troikas,” but on the wall, the sign read “Tremendous Troika’s.” I never did find out what it was that belonged to those tremendous troikas.

My slip of paper read, “Where’s my JNET name badge?” On the wall, it read, “Where is my Jnet name badge?” I don’t know this Jnet — I don’t even know how to pronounce it. Sounds like a girl’s name.

Thanks to Evelyn A. for some help.

Until next time! Use the right words!


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