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How Fresh is Alien Fresh?

Baker, Calif., is known for one thing: the world’s tallest thermometer. I’ve also seen license plate frames that mention the Baker to Vegas run, which is an annual race between the two cities. But for me, Baker is a place to stop (if needed) on the way to or on the way home from Las Vegas.

On our recent trip, we needed to stop (bladders being what they are). So, while I waited for the family member to complete their business, I took a look around and saw a store selling beef and other kinds of jerky.

The name caught my eye: “Alien Fresh Jerky.”

I wonder how fresh that is. Is it similar to USDA fresh? I checked the website. It didn’t describe what it meant, beyond the usual we maintain the highest standards because our customers deserve it blather, but it did proudly announce that the UFO Hotel is being built in Baker!

Ooh, something else to look forward to in that town of 735.

Until next time! Use the right words!

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