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A Cray-cray Thought About My Bae’s Slang

As much as I don’t like slang (especially when I catch myself using it), I recognize it exists and will continue probably for as long as there are humans.

Also, I’ve noticed that each generation has its own slang terms. But I give my generation some credit: Our slang mostly derived from words that already existed. Examples: bad and wicked meant “good” or “great,” cool was a term used to denote approval, and fly meant something was very cool. Even some sexual slang (cock, tit, ass) started as animals.

But my 15-year-old daughter’s slang is mostly made up of partial words and acronyms, which makes sense considering I call this group “Generation Text.” But it only shows me how the language is devolving.


JK — It doesn’t refer to “Harry Potter” author Rowling; it means “just kidding.”

cray-cray — means “crazy,” and I find this one crazy because it’s harder to say “cray-cray” than “crazy.”

bae — In my generation, a babe was someone good looking. In this generation, the b has been removed.

DM — short for “direct message” or “direct messaging.” I asked my daughter about IM, and she said no one uses that anymore.

AF — short for “as (F-word)”

TBT — short for “throw-back Thursday.”

And, of course, there’s LOL, IMHO and LMAO. My daughter says no one uses ROTFLMAO anymore.

Until next time! Use the right words!

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