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The Answer Isn’t Always “Money”

While watching “Pardon the Interruption” the other day, host Tony Kornheiser quoted former NBC executive Don Ohlmeyer as having told him, “The answer to all your questions is money.”

So, being the smart-ass I am, I decided to come up with several questions in which I knew the answer was not “money.” For example, why is the sky blue? (A: air molecules scatter blue light from the sun more than they scatter red light) and why is the grass green? (A: chlorophyll).

But in researching Ohlmeyer’s quote, I found out he more than likely said, “If the question is about sports,  the answer is money.”

So, here are 10 sports questions in which the answer isn’t “money.”

  1. What are the dimensions of an Olympic-sized swimming pool? (A: 50 meters long by 25 meters wide)
  2. How tall is a hurdle? (A: five heights, ranging from 27 inches to 42 inches)
  3. Who holds the record for most career home runs? (A: Barry Bonds, 762, although some would say Sadaharu Oh with 868)
  4. How high is a volleyball net? (A: 7 feet, 4⅛  inches for women/girls, 7-11⅝  for men/boys)
  5. How many yards is a football team penalized for being offside? (A: five yards)
  6. What is a split in bowling? (A: two or more non-adjacent pins are left standing after the first roll of a frame)
  7. What is an eagle in golf? (A: two strokes under par on a hole)
  8. How much must a boxer weigh to be considered a heavyweight? (A: at least 201 pounds)
  9. What does a red card mean in soccer? (A: a player is sent off and the team must play with one fewer players)
  10. Why is the marathon distance 26 miles, 385 yards? (A: According to The International Amateur Athletic Federation website, the distance was set at 26 miles at the 1908 Olympic Games in London, and increased another 385 yards when the starting line was pulled back so it could be seen by the children in the Royal Nursery at Windsor Castle and still finish in front of Queen Alexandra at the White City Stadium in west London.)

So there.

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