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Pam Peterson: A Parodist Par Exemplar

I recently came across a wonderful parody of the song “Memory” from “Cats.” This version, by Pam Peterson, is nothing short of brilliant. It’s also not new, the YouTube clip I saw originating in 2010, but it’s new to me.

Check it out at

Midnight — I wake up and remember

That I left the door open with the groceries outside

Where the hell did I put my keys? Oh, look, here they are

Underneath the TV Guide.

Mem’ry, what became of the short term

I remember the old days, I was sharper back then

If I eat fish and do the crosswords every day

Will the brain cells grow again?

I could swear I out those tickets right here in my wallet,

Now I’m late, I thought the show starts at eight;

I wrote that in my whatchamacallit.

Damn! What did I walk in this room for?

Maybe when I was younger, I took too many ‘ludes.

Where’s that ginkgo biloba that I picked up today?

Oh, I left it at Whole Foods.

What the heck is that guy’s name?

He sings with me in choir.

Did I turn both of the burners off?

Or is my house on fire?

Shoot me, put me out of my misery

Or just leave me to wander Soldier Field parking lot.

If they ask, tell them I once had a memory too.

What was the question? I forgot.

Until next time! Use the right words!


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