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Last week, I bemoaned how people misspeak when they could hire me to fix their problems. Here are some examples of people using language in ways I deem clever.

  1. A chiropractor was speaking. Someone asked him, “Can you use chiropractic tape in the shower?” Came his reply: “Yes, but I use soap.”
  2. A networker talked a little about himself: “English is my second language. Baby talk was my first.”
  3. A networker’s slogan (people familiar with Los Angeles will understand this): “Our pricing policy is top-notch. We sell Bel-Air quality at Van Nuys prices.”
  4. A plumbing company: “We drain your sinks, not your pockets.”
  5. A Massage therapist: “If your back is aching, a massage appointment you should be making.”
  6. Finally, mine: “If you have a story to tell, I’ll tell it well, and I’ll give you the WRITE stuff.”

Until next time! Use the right words!


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