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What American Airlines Taught Me

Originally, I was going to write about a commercial I saw for American Airlines. Instead, I’m writing about how that commercial taught me a word I never knew existed (but probably should have.

The commercial in question dealt with American’s new “Premium Economy” seats, which is an oxymoron, but that’s not my point today.

One of the features is increased legroom. When I saw the commercial, I rewound my DVR to ensure I saw that right. Sure enough, there it was again: legroom.

I scoffed. It’s leg room. Two words. I decided this would be my next post’s subject. I even had a headline idea: “What is American Airlines Trying to Teach Us?” I also had a joke ready: Airlines are so cheap with space that they’re even eliminating space between words.

Then I checked the dictionary. It’s one word.

I still don’t know how I never realized this word existed. It goes back to 1926, so it’s not new.

So, good for you, American Airlines. Now, about those expensive seats…

Until next time! Use the right words!


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