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Is Collusion About Russians a Crime?

You probably think I’m going to get political with this post, but I’m simply dealing with words.

A couple of days ago, Rudy Giuliani was quoted on CNN as saying, “I don’t know if that’s even a crime, colluding about Russians.”

It’s not. Colluding with Russians might be, but colluding about Russians isn’t.

To collude is “to act together through a secret understanding, especially with evil or harmful intent” and “to conspire in a fraud.”

Acting together through a secret understanding about Russians makes no sense. Nor does  conspiring in a fraud about Russians.

Say what you want about Giuliani’s intellect. Say what you want about Trump and the company he keeps. Heck, say what you want about whether you think collusion with Russia is a crime and if the House of Representatives should impeach the President as a result.

But if Trump and his cronies were only guilty of colluding about Russians, there’s no crime as far as I can read.

Until next time! Use the right words!

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