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The One About the Word “Gleba”

I’ve taken to Twitter and seen there are some haters out there. Regarding this post, they might say, “What took you so long? This episode of Friends aired 12 years ago.”

My response: I didn’t watch the show. I thought it was dumb. I only came to the party because my teenage daughter watches it on Netflix.

The episode in question is “The One With The Lottery” (original air date, April 3, 2003). In one of secondary storylines, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) hears her daughter Emma say on the phone, “gleba,” and announces that was her first word. Ross (David Schwimmer) claims that’s not a word, to which Rachel looks it up and declares gleba means “the fleshy, spore-bearing inner mass of a certain fungi.” To which Ross declares “She’s going to be a scientist.”


My dictionary doesn’t have gleba in it, so I looked online and found it to mean “the sporogenous tissue forming the central part of the sporophore in certain fungi, as in puffballs and stinkhorns.”

Complex. Too complex for those who watched Friends.

Until next time! Use the right words!


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