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Art Linkletter Would Be Proud

If I were to create a TV show, I would call it (and apologies to Art Linkletter and his heirs) “Networkers Say the Darndest Things.” (Also, apologies to word snobs everywhere, as darndest is not really a word.)

Put your hands together — Think about it: If you put your hands together, you’re not really clapping your hands.

Keep your eyes out for … — I’d rather keep my eyes in their sockets, thank you very much.

I was a child of a single mother — Now, follow me on this. In its most technical sense, everyone has a single mother (egg donor) and father (sperm donor). I know people will say, “What about same-sex families?” But when it comes to creating a new life, everyone has one biological female parent and one biological male parent. There is no other way for humans.

Fun fact, earthquakes — Earthquakes are not fun.

What’s the one good thing about getting kicked off a Delta Airlines flight? — The recent news story was about a person who got kicked off a United Airlines flight, so the joke doesn’t work.

We now have two mikes — and three Larrys.

Until next time! Use the right words!


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Were You “Raised” or “Reared?”

Often enough, I read that a person was born in a particular place and raised  somewhere else. Or, I’ll hear someone say  they were “proudly born and raised in Texas” or some other place. Every once in a while, I will read that an athlete was reared by a single mother.

So, were you raised or reared?


Each of the above mentions of “raised” and “reared” is correct. All living things (and inanimate objects) can be raised, but only humans are reared.

So get your rear out there and use the right words!

Until next time!

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